My Story Class - 7 Shortcuts to Make Writing Your Story Fun

$ 19.95 $ 129.95

Introductory Price - available for a limited time.  

Requires attendance at each class and provide a testimonial at conclusion.

After this 4 week course you will have:
  • Your Timeline / Life Sketch written
  • Learned valuable shortcuts helping you to organize your stories, let go of the perfection mentality and find the motivation to get you started & keep current
  • Learned about different design styles and which software (MemoryMixer, Word & PhotoShop) would be best for each
  • Understanding of how to add photos, drop shadows, text wrapping, columns, etc using Microsoft® Word
  • A printed booklet telling your story

Course Includes:

My Story Workbooks (learn more - 3 styles to choose from)
     Workbooks will be handed out 1st night of class. 
  • Timeline
  • Book of Lists
  • Story Tracker
  • Hows & Whys (including Story Starters
100 Photo Scans
Printed Booklet of your story (20 pages plus front and back covers)
Belong to Private Facebook Group
Graphics to personalize your booklet's front & back cover

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