IDEA9 - Mix it Up!

$ 0.99 $ 2.50

Need ideas? This idea book is packed with great ideas for Get Well, Birthday, Gift Tags, Invitations, Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Winter. Contains ideas for the following templates: B254, L960, L1073, L1093, L9044, L9094, L9099, L9108, L9126, L9135, L9139, L9155, L9213, L9224, L9225, L9226, L9227, L9228, L9236, L9238, L9239, L9241, L9242, L9247, L9249, L9253, M1, M4, M9, M11, S607, S662, S665, S667, S742, S849 Senti-Metals: SM102S, SM105S, SM108S, SM110S, SM113S, SM114S, SM115S, SM116S, SM117S, SM119C, SM122S

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