IDEA7 - Live, Laugh, Emboss

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Need ideas? This idea book is packed with great ideas for Fall, Birthdays, Friendship, Halloween, Invitatiions, Christmas, Gift Tags and Winter. Contains ideas for the following templates: B268, L934, L960, L9069, L9071, L9093, L9099, L9115, L9125, L9126, L9127, L9133, L9134, L9135, L9136, L9137, L9138, L9139, L9143, L9144, L9146, L9150, L9152, L9153, L9154, L9157, L9166, L9168, L9169, L9170, L9172, L9173, L9174, L9175, L9176, L9178, M5, M7, M8, S487, S530, S608, S840, S852 Senti-Metals: SM100S, SM104S

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