IDEA6 - Embossing is the Talk!

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Need ideas? This idea book is packed with great ideas for Valentine's Day, Baby, Shower, Announcements, Birthday, Easter, Spring and Summer, Boys, Father's Day and Everyday. Contains ideas for the following templates: B261, B264, B280, i114, L1019, L1062, L9048, L9063, L9090, L9091, L9092, L9094, L9095, L9099, L9103, L9109, L9111, L9112, L9113, L9114, L9115, L9116, L9117, L9118, L9123, L9125, L9126, L9127, L9128, M4, M5, M6, S415, S439, S440, S464, S474, S475, S477, S486, S489, S496, S497, S498, S507, S509, S517, S598, S711, S847

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