IDEA4 - Embossing Is My Bag

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Need ideas? This idea book is packed with great ideas for Valentine's Day, Spring, Easter, Mother's Day, Friends, Wedding, Everyday and Patriotic ideas. Contains ideas for the following templates: B258, B261, B262, B263, B265, B270, i199, L514, L515, L516, L520, L525, L526, L527, L528, L530, L1066, L1096, L1099, L913, L914, L958, L960, L968, L1010, L9021, L9048, L9049, L9050, L9051, L9055, L9056, L9057, L9058, L9063, L9064, M1, S403, S411, S417, S503, S534, S580, S804, S826, S827, S841

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